Hyperbits Creative Suite + Bonuses

Hyperbits Creative Suite WAV MIDI Serum TUTORiAL-DECiBEL

Hyperbits Creative Suite + Bonuses
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Find your signature sound, systemize your creativity, make professional music & replenish your sample library with 8,674+ royalty free sounds.

Reasons The Hyperbits Creative Suite is Different…

Reason #1:We’ve focused on original, unique and extremely high quality sounds that not only work in 2019, but are timeless and set the stage for years to come.

Reason #2:We worked directly with sound designers on a day by day basis to create our own personal, perfect sample pack. This is THE dream pack we’d always wanted someone else to make. Since no one did, we took it upon ourselves.

Reason #3:We decided to focus on ONE high quality, extremely valuable suite of sounds that will last years (…we have no current plans to do this again)

In fact, we’re only selling the Creative Suite to the first 500 producers who sign up — after that, it’ll be gone forever.


Go from amateur to professional and replenish your sample library once and for all with over 8,674+ royalty free sounds.

What is inside The Hyperbits Creative Suite?

Hyperbits Signature Serum Soundbank

Make no mistake: we created a dream Serum soundbank for ourselves by working with some of the world’s leading sound design experts. We even took the time to generate custom Hyperbits wavetables using proprietary software unavailable to the public. This means that even if you sat down with a full tutorial that showed every step of the creation of any of these patches, you still wouldn’t be able to replicate them because the wavetables are that unique and special.

Technical Guitar Toolkit

At its core, The Hyperbits Creative Suite is the result of working smarter, not harder. For years, I found myself laying down guitar takes for similar, repetitive purposes. You know, simple stuff like some chord stabs here, palm-muted rhythms there. If I’m being honest, it’s using organic instruments like this that had an A&R at Interscope Records set a meeting with me. “Really impressed with your production,” he said. This is when I realized that guitar is a difficult instrument to get right — from recording, to tone selection, to performance, to mixing and processing, there is a lot of opportunities for error.

Technical Bass Toolkit

Personally (and selfishly), one of the coolest perks of running a music production business is that I get to build all the stuff I really want to use myself. You know, the stuff that either doesn’t exist yet or the sounds I always wished I could find over the past decade.

Premium Essential Drums

The biggest difference between amateurs and professionals isn’t mixing skills, or access to hardware or professional studios…it’s actually ear training. Until you make productions that have commercial viability and see some success, it’s hard to know exactly what good sounds even sound like. Most professionals look back at their first few productions and realize they were picking shitty sounds, to begin with.

Organic Percussion Loops

Electronic music, by nature, is extremely digital. At times, this can lead to rigidity and predictability in your productions. When everything is created on a grid and quantized, the result is a lack of emotion.

Absolute Modern Effects

More often than not, our experience with effects goes something like this: a company advertises the craziest, raunchiest, sexiest, most insane effects ever created. Sure, they sound half decent on their own, and yet, they never sound good in any productions. We’re here to put a stop to this.

Midi Songwriting Pack

This pack alone is an absolute beast. With over 4000 midi files, the Songwriting Midi Pack features every chord in every key that you’d ever want to use in constructing modern electronic music, as well as over 150 chord progressions and musical ideas, broken up into basic chord progressions, song-starting motifs, and implied chord song-starters.

Cutting Edge Construction Kits

What makes them cutting edge? Simply listen to the quality and professionalism of each of these construction kits. These aren’t simply learning tools, they are real commercially viable songs and productions — professionally mixed, mastered and stemmed out for your creative and inspirational needs. We’ve even included ever individual sample and midi file from each of the kits.

Create Your Signature Sound

We all seek that signature sound — for a listener to put on ANY one of your songs and know instantly that you made it. In this series, we study current artists to learn exactly how they achieved their signature sound. We couldn’t make a Creative Suite without talking about how to differentiate yourself in a climate where anyone with a laptop can make theoretically make radio-quality music.

In this 7 part video series, we cover what makes producer’s unique in 2019, how to combine elements from your influences, how composition and sound design aid in each other in the creative process, and how to unlock your ears so you can learn to properly reference your favorite artists (with precision and accuracy).


BONUS #1: The Vocal Toolkit

Holy sh*t. The Vocal Toolkit is an absolute beast, exploring the depths of vocal production and sampling with over 560 total samples to work with, broken down across four sections: Vocal Chops, Vocal Leads, Vocal Effects & Vocal Atmospheres.

BONUS #2: The Ultimate Guide to Serum

In this 12 part intensive Serum course, you’ll learn everything you’ve ever needed to know about Serum. Everything from a brief overview and introduction to this ground-breaking software synth, to more intermediate material like proper use of Serum’s oscilators, filters, envelopes, as well as detailed rundowns of Serum’s FX, Matrix section, Global section and much more.

BONUS #3: 14 Signature Sound Artist Breakdowns

We dive DEEP into the composition, sound design, and arrangement of 14 popular and current artists as we breakdown their signature sound. Consider these intensive roadmaps to achieving high-quality musical concepts & ideas.

Bonus #4: Hyperbits Sampling & Sound Design Workshops

We’ve gathered 8 intensive live workshops we’ve held about various aspects of the songwriting process. Each workshop goes into its respective topic for close to an hour.


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