RawNois3 LoFi Vibes WAV

RawNois3 LoFi Vibes WAV

RawNois3 LoFi Vibes WAV
Size 147 Mb

LoFi Vibes, carefully crafted and created by producer Raw Nois3, consists of 17 royalty free compositions.

It’s full of colors and textures that can be used to create any desired mood.

This pack is a mixture of rhythmic and melodic loops using unique LoFi techniques.

If you’ve experienced watching VHS tapes and enjoyed the sound then you will love this pack.

It’s a collection that can be used over and over again.

File list:

African Perc LoFi 160 BPM G Minor.wav
Bass Vocal Chops LoFi 120 BPM A Minor .wav
Choices LoFi 128 BPM G# Minor.wav
CPU Malfunction Noise LoFi 89.09 BPM D Minor.wav
Drums LoFi 120 BPM B Minor.wav
Glitchy Layered Lofi 120 BPM A# Major.wav
Glitchy Saw Bassline LoFi 120 BPM G Minor.wav
Guitar Bass LoFi 83 BPM C Major.wav
Guitar LoFi 105 BPM F Minor.wav
Impact Wavy Switch LoFi 120 BPM A# Minor_Major.wav
Keys Vocal Chops LoFi 120 BPM C Minor.wav
Noise Layered LoFi 87 BPM G Major.wav
Oriental Strings Layered Wavy LoFi 159.87 BPM G Minor.wav
Percussion LoFi 116.13 BPM A# Major.wav
Shake Perc LoFi 96 BPM G Minor.wav
Wavy Crackle LoFi 123.69 BPM A# Major.wav
Wavy Noise LoFi 84 BPM B Minor.wav


Demo Preview: