Ableton Certified Training: What’S New In Live 12 [TUTORIAL]

Ableton Certified Training: What'S New In Live 12 [TUTORIAL]

Ableton Certified Training: What’S New In Live 12 [TUTORIAL]

Get a head start on mastering music production with Ableton Live 12

What you’ll learn:

  • The new features of Live 12, including interface, instruments, and effects.
  • The Roar Effect
  • The Meld instrument
  • The new generative MIDI tools in Live
  • Much, much, more!

Students should have at least a basic understanding of Live in any previous version, especially Live 11.

Welcome to Ableton Live 12! A major update to previous versions of Ableton, making it the most powerful DAW available for music production, songwriting, composition, film scoring, game audio, and more. In this short class I’m going to focus on the new features of Live 12 and explore the new tools and techniques built in for music production. Why Learn from Me?With over a decade of experience teaching Ableton Live to thousands of aspiring creators, I know exactly what it takes to help you master this versatile platform. By the end of this series, you’ll be amazed at your newfound abilities.Designed for those with some experience working with Ableton Live, this class is a bit of a “prequel” to my 6-part Ultimate Ableton Live 12 series that we will focus on all the aspects of Live 12 from the beginning. In this class, we will cover new features such as:Interface: New mixer layout, detail view improvements, and moreBrowser: Browser tags and search history makes Live a robust sample librarian.The new Roar effectThe new Meld instrumentThe new Granulator III instrumentThe “key aware” features throughout the whole programAlternative tuning systems and the incredible power of this new featureMIDI modification toolsMIDI generators: Let Live make music for you!New accessibility features for visually impaired usersAbleton Live 12 opens up a world of possibilities for your music production journey. Join the vibrant community and take your skills to new heights.Jason Allen, renowned instructor and mentor to over 1 million students, is committed to your success. As an active participant in the course, he personally answers 100% of the questions posted, ensuring you receive the guidance and support you need.Click the enroll button now and embark on this exciting musical adventure with us!


Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 0 Introduction
  • Lecture 1 What is an Ableton Certified Trainer?
  • Lecture 2 What we will cover in this class

Section 2: The Interface

  • Lecture 3 General Eye Candy
  • Lecture 4 The Mixer in Arrangement View
  • Lecture 5 The Mixer
  • Lecture 6 Detail View: The clip editor and device view all at once!
  • Lecture 7 Browser Tags
  • Lecture 8 Filtered Searches
  • Lecture 9 Browser History
  • Lecture 10 Sound Similarity Search?!?

Section 3: New and Improved Instruments and Effects

  • Lecture 11 New Effect: Roar
  • Lecture 12 New Instrument: Meld
  • Lecture 13 Major Update: Granulator III

Section 4: “Key Awareness”

  • Lecture 14 Keys and Scales in Clips
  • Lecture 15 Keys and Scales in Devices and Effects

Section 5: Tuning Systems

  • Lecture 16 Support for non-western tunings
  • Lecture 17 Create your own tuning system
  • Lecture 18 A new hallmark for producers around the globe?

Section 6: New and Improved MIDI Tools

  • Lecture 19 Transformations
  • Lecture 20 Stretch & Transpose
  • Lecture 21 Humanize
  • Lecture 22 Transform: Arpeggiate
  • Lecture 23 Transform: Connect
  • Lecture 24 Transform: Ornament
  • Lecture 25 Transform: Quantize
  • Lecture 26 Transform: Recombine
  • Lecture 27 Transform: Span
  • Lecture 28 Transform: Strum
  • Lecture 29 Transform: Time Warp
  • Lecture 30 Transform: Velocity Shaper

Section 7: MIDI Generators

  • Lecture 31 Generate Rhythm
  • Lecture 32 Generate: Seed
  • Lecture 33 Generate: Shape
  • Lecture 34 Generate: Stacks
  • Lecture 35 Generate: Euclidean

Section 8: Other MIDI Improvements

  • Lecture 36 Velocity Improvements
  • Lecture 37 Probability/Chance Improvements
  • Lecture 38 MIDI Effect Improvements

Section 9: Accessibility

  • Lecture 39 Support for Assisted Devices and Readers

Section 10: Wrap Up

  • Lecture 40 What Comes Next?
  • Lecture 41 Thanks for Watching!
  • Lecture 42 Bonus Lecture

Music makers (producer, composer, songwriter) who are familiar with previous versions of Ableton Live, and want to quickly learn the new features of Live 12.

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