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Freshstuff4you premium, freshstuff4u premium section.

Hey freshstuff4you users, so this is the category where everything is exusive and just for paid/premium members.

On freshstuff4you premium section we are going to post only exlusive files that you won’t find for free anywhere else and some large files or packs.

You gonna have to becamo a premium user to dowload files that are posted in this category.

So, if you really want to help this community and support all our work, become a premium user.

What will be published on freshstuff4you premium?

Hmmm, a loy of stuff, from sample libraries , to kontakt instruments.

Here is a list of some of the products that mostly will be postedL

  • Sample Libraries
  • Presets packs and Soundsets
  • Tutorial courses
  • DAW Templates and mainly Kontakt Libraries.

But don’t worry guys more things are to come.

You just have tu stay tuned and visit us everyday for the latest updates of our feed.

We have been around for many yea1rs and our community kinda has a good reputation on this nich. That’s mainly due to your endless support.

Why a premium option now?

You guys must be probably asking, why a premium section? Well it was time!

It was time for a change, something different and something better for you.

Maby some of the users aren’t too much happy about the idea, but you will get used, during the time.

So to end this now, we aapreciate all the support everyday from you guys, and will try to make our community and service as good as possible, but we need some time.

So have a nice day everyone and , peace!

Freshstuff4you Premium Team.