Ask Video Ableton Live 12 301: Roar & Meld Explored [TUTORIAL]

Ask Video Ableton Live 12 301: Roar & Meld Explored [TUTORIAL]

Meld and Roar are the latest groundbreaking additions to Ableton Live 12’s vast collection of instruments and effects. Dive deep into these innovative devices in this comprehensive course led by Ableton Certified Trainer Rishabh Rajan!

Meld stands out as one of the highlights in Live 12. With its dual engines, extensive modulation matrix, and flexible LFO controls, it’s a powerful synth like no other and your gateway to sonic exploration. Forget boring distortion plugins… Roar is a multiband powerhouse ready to pounce on your audio, adding grit and character like a wild beast roaring through your mix! This device gives you the freedom to add warmth to your sound, or to completely destroy it if you wish so! In this course, trainer and producer Rishabh Rajan covers everything you need to know to add these two new incredible versatile devices into your music production workflow.

Starting with Meld, Rishabh covers the user interface, before diving into its very unique oscillator section, explaining and demonstrating every engine. He then moves to the filter section, and extensive modulation capabilities. You learn how to shape your sounds with precision, create evolving textures in the modulation matrix, use its MPE capabilities, and craft complex patches that truly stand out. The course then transitions to Roar, Ableton Live 12’s powerful distortion device, looking deep at its unique features, including its drive and tone controls, shaper settings, feedback options, advanced routing, feedback options, and so much more… Roar is one of the most complex and rewardful distortion effect available!

So, join Rishabh Rajan in this exciting journey through Meld and Roar and unlock the full potential of these creative devices. And remember to check out our other Ableton Live courses as we continue to expand our comprehensive course collection!

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