Ask Video FabFilter 102 FabFilter Creative Bundle Explored [TUTORIAL]

Ask Video FabFilter 102 FabFilter Creative Bundle Explored [TUTORIAL]

Ask Video FabFilter 102 FabFilter Creative Bundle Explored [TUTORIAL]

FabFilter are well known for their mixing plugins, but they also have some hidden gems in their creative bundle. Trainer and sound designer Rishabh Rajan created this course to show you all about them. Lets get creative!

This couse is an in-depth journey into the features and functions of the Creative Bundle plugins. What is included in this bundle? Twin 3, an innovative subtractive synthesizer with some novel features; Saturn 2, an unparalleled distortion plugin; Timeless 3, a very cool delay plugin; and Volcano, a powerful filter effect. These 22 tutorials will give you the knowledge you need to create your own unique sonic identity with these innovative plugins.

You’ll start off by learning all about the oscillators and filters in Twin 3, understanding how to adjust them to get the sound you want. You’ll also get to grips with the modulation, random LFOs, and effects section. Then, you’ll delve into Saturn, FabFilter’s flagship multiband saturation and distortion plugin. You’ll explore the feedback controls, multiband capabilities, and modulation options.

Next, you’ll explore Timeless, a highly versatile delay plugin. Here, you’ll learn all about the delay, color, and multi-tap controls, as well as the onboard filter. Last but not least, you’ll discover Volcano, one of the best filter plugin available. You’ll play with the filter controls, routing options, and modulation capabilities. By the end of the course you’ll have a thorough understanding of every plugin included in the Creative Bundle, and you’ll know how to use them together to create expressive and dynamic music, soundscapes, and sound effects.

Get ready for a very creative experience! Grab your headphones now, and prepare to witness the limitless possibilities of FabFilter’s creative bundle!

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