Analog Obsession Full Bundle 04.2019 WIN & MAC

Analog Obsession Full Bundle 04.2019 WIN & MAC

Analog Obsession Full Bundle 04.2019 WIN & MAC
Size 190 Mb

Analog Obsession Plugins Full Bundle

Accurate modeling in digital world! Bringing back vintage gears! Cold to warm!


Top-notch design from past!
One of best designs in the world! Now combined the preamp and the eq in a plugin to reach all futures of this legendary unit!


Feel the glue!
Unique sound of the original IC input and twin VCA gain-reduction amplifier design with extra features!


Fantastic tool for tracking, mixing, and mastering. Famous curves of Baxandall style eq with additional features!


Two in one!
Two in one unit with filters and eq. Pure solid and discrete emulation of famous units!


Sculpt it!
Colorful distortion box with HPF/LPF and MIX functions!


Shape it!
Colorful four-band eq with great filters.


I Hear You On the Radio!
These were the top of the line vari-mu limiters and they are one of the best sounding and best built vintage tube limiters from the 50s and early 60s. Additionally, it modded with program-dependent Attack & Release features!
Hot or not! You will be chilled to the bone!


Something from 50’s!
Colorful microphone preamp with two band fixed frequency program equalizer.


Master it!
Colorful four-band eq with M/S and L/R functions!


Holy & Simple
Famous 660 compressor/limiter’s limited version with easy to use layout.