Compose Music With Artificial Intelligence 2024 [TUTORIAL]

Compose Music With Artificial Intelligence 2024 [TUTORIAL]

Education Compose Music With Artificial Intelligence-GenAIPrepared in 3 Sections and 26 Titles Part One Compose Music with Artificial Intelligence1-Introduction2-Is There A Need to Use the Premium Version3-Do You Own the Copyrights-Can You Sell the Works4-Is There a Time Limit for Using the Free Version?

Part Two Compose Music with Artificial Intelligence Workspace5-Which Artificial Intelligence Application To Use6-How To Compose Music With Chatgpt7-How To Compose Music On Different Themes8-How To Compose Music In Different Languages9-How To Compose Music Through An Artificial Intelligence Program10-How To Prepare Music With Ready Lyrics Using Artificial Intelligence11-How To Compose Different Styles of Music12-How To Make Cover Music13-You Are Not The Copyright Holder Of Cover Music14-You Are Not The Copyright Holder Of Cover Music15-How To Make Music Without Words-Instrumental Music16-How to Download Created Music Artworks17-Business Models-Spotify, Itunes Music Sales Realization18-Business Models-Selling On Premium Websites19-Business Models-Youtube Content IdeasPart ThreeProduced Music Work Samples20-English Music Examples21-Music for Corporate Companies in English22-Turkish Music Examples23-French Music Examples24-German Music Examples25-Music for Corporate Companies in Turkish26-Instrumental Music ExamplesOur training has been planned and prepared within the scope of the above sectionsCompose Music With Artificial Intelligence-GenAI Our Training is PreparedWe wish success to all our participating students.Edu MY Atacbala Group

What you’ll learn:

  • Business Models with Artificial Intelligence
  • Content Generation with Artificial Intelligence
  • Active or Passive Income Generation Systems with Artificial Intelligence
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Prompt Engineering for Music Production with Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Models that can be Made by Artificial Intelligence Music Production

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