Get an analog mixing workflow inside Ableton Live.

Modelled on a classic hardware channel strip, Console EQ intentionally limits your choices while still being flexible enough for most situations.

It’s not analog; it’s better.

Mix Like It’s 1976
Four bands of EQ plus high and lowpass filters. Top it off with an analog-modelled saturation stage for some warmth and colour.

Console EQ is fully Push compatible, including Push standalone, getting you closer to the feel of mixing on real hardware.

Workflow Matters
Ableton Live already has the powerful EQ Eight and the slimmed-down Channel EQ, so why do you need another equaliser?

Personally, as much as I love those options, they provide ‘too many choices’ and an inherently digital workflow.

I’ve always loved the limitations of working on a physical mixing console, where your decisions are influenced by what’s given to you. I find I make more deliberate and ultimately better decisions working in this way.

I built Console EQ to simulate this ‘analog’ way of working, and I prefer what I can achieve by mixing like this.

I hope Console EQ inspires you and helps you make the music you want.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Ableton Live 11+
  • Max For Live 8.5+
  • Max For Live is included with Ableton Live Suite or available as an add-on for Live Standard
  • Compatible with Push Standalone

What’s Included

  • 1 Console EQ.amxd
  • 1 Console Mini.amxd
  • 1 Getting Started Guide.pdf

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