Epic Stock Media Epic Movie Trailer WAV

Epic Stock Media Epic Movie Trailer WAV

Epic Stock Media Epic Movie Trailer WAV

Just Released! We are proud to announce our newest cinematic sauce pack, Epic Movie Trailer – Filled with deep subsonic impacts, breath halting bassy hits and

A complete selection of sounds ranging across multiple film and game genres, Epic Movie Trailer meets the demands of the modern day film sound designer and cinematic music composer. Epic Movie Trailer is a fast and sure way of gaining the sonic resources that will give your production the boost it needs. Get instant access to 350+ high quality, 96k/24bit, designed trailer sound effects. These .wav files are certain to turn heads and are great for trolling your audience!


  • Game and movie trailer sound effects library
  • Perfect for action, tension, suspense, and adding dramatic elements to soundtracks
  • 360+ files, all in .WAV 96k/24 bit resolution plus files in 44.1k 16 bit too
  • 1.99GB of samples
  • 56 minutes of audio
  • Deep Synth Impacts and Sub Hits
  • Dynamic Risers and Drops
  • Big Cinematic Drum Hits
  • Hybrid Impacts, Drones, and Growls
  • Designed Stabs, Sweeps and Reveals
  • Epic Screeches and Pulses
  • Tension LFE Bass Rumbles for ground moving audio

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Demo Preview:

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