Excite Audio Bloom Vocal Aether v1.0.0 [WIN & MacOS]

Excite Audio Bloom Vocal Aether

Excite Audio Bloom Vocal Aether v1.0.0 [WIN & MacOS]

Effortless Vocals
Bloom Vocal Aether combines vocal loops, one-shots and phrases into a playable instrument that has been engineered and curated to provide a stunning sonic experience out of the box.

What Can Bloom Vocal Aether Do?

  • Instantly add vocals to bring your tracks alive
  • Produce ear-catching phrases and motifs
  • Create beautiful breathy textures
  • Edit together energetic, chopped-up hooks

No more searching through vocal samples, with Bloom Vocal Aether, you can switch between phrases to create unique hooks, build huge FX modulation to pull your listeners in and transform it all with a chain of vocal-specific processors.

Choosing the perfect vocals for your project is now a playable and spontaneous experience, with easy keyboard control over triggering sounds and modifying their properties. Four macro controls handle immediate processing, while the Edit page opens up in-depth possibilities, with precise control over sample editing, phrase performance, and effects across 250 presets.

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