Groove3 iZotope Trash Explained [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 iZotope Trash Explained [TUTORIAL]

If distortion is your thing, you’ll love the newly re-imagined Trash plugin effect from iZotope. In this iZotope Trash video course, production ace Larry Holcombe will show you all you need to know about this powerful audio-twisting plug-in and how to tweak every parameter to dial in exactly what you want it to do. Whether you’re looking for subtle saturation and color, absolute bone-crushing sonic mayhem, or anything in between, you’ll be ready to achieve it after viewing this course. These iZotope Trash video tutorials are designed for new users.

Larry begins with an overview of the plug-in, including a tour of the interface and a demonstration of the basic workflow, so you can start having fun and experimenting right away. Then it’s down to the details, and first up is a look at the multi-band display, which allows you to apply different amounts and types of distortion to each of the three frequency bands. Learn about the Trash module as well—the heart of the plug-in—and see how to select from four different distortion types and blend them via the XY pad.

Next up, explore the Convolve module, where you’re able to set your sounds into different virtual spaces (including your own impulse files) for further sonic-sculpting and sound design possibilities. This is followed by an explanation of the Envelope module, which allows you to generate motion in your sound by routing the envelope follower to the Trash, XY pad, and Filter modules. The remaining topics include the Filter module (for altering the harmonic content of your sound) and Input/Output sections (for setting levels and/or using the auto gain and limiter functions). Larry closes out the course by demonstrating the plug-in action on two different projects—a trap and a house—so you can hear how it works in context.

Watching this iZotope Trash video course is the easiest and quickest way to learn how to dirty up your tracks with Trash in countless creative ways! Not only will you have fun exploring all the possibilities, but you’ll also save hours of trial and error, which can instead be spent on getting creative with that next idea. Check out the individual Trash video tutorial descriptions for more information about the capabilities of this amazing plug-in and how you can use it in your own productions, regardless of genre. Get all the dirt on this powerful tool… Watch “Trash Explained®” now!

What You Will Learn:

  • Using the multi-band feature to process the low, mid, and high frequency bands differently
  • Selecting the type of distortions with the Trash module and blending them together using the XY pad
  • Transporting your sounds to different virtual settings with the Convolve module for unique tones and effects
  • Tweaking the harmonic content of your distorted tones with the Filter module
  • And more!

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