Groove3 Wavesfactory: Creative Mixing & Sound Design TUTORIAL

Groove3 Wavesfactory: Creative Mixing & Sound Design TUTORIAL

Groove3 Wavesfactory Creative Mixing & Sound Design TUTORIAL

Join veteran Groove3 instructor Thomas Cochran for a two-hour journey of sound design and creative mixing tips with five inspiring Wavesfactory plugins. Learn how to use these plugins to make ordinary, sterile sounds come alive with ideas like modulation effects, doubling, side-chaining, effect-combining, and more. By the end of this Wavesfactory video course, you’ll have a new appreciation for these plugins (and many more) and that of which they’re capable. These videos are for new Wavesfactory plugin users.

Plugins Featured: Track Spacer, Quantum, Cassette, Spectre, and Echo Cat.

Thomas kicks off the course by looking at the Echo Cat plugin, which emulates a vintage tape delay. Learn how to create different modulation effects – from subtle to extreme – all of which can be used to send an instrument down a unique and uncharted sonic path. Thomas also demonstrates how to generate a doubled effect on a synth with Echo Cat, creating a wider, fuller sound. Then, discover how to use the Cassette plugin to mimic a tape chorus effect, again introducing modulation elements into the sound. Watch how Thomas is able to generate tape loop-style effects as well, which can lend your productions an organic, low-down quality.

Next up, you’ll look at some ambient synth effects created by combining Echo Cat and Cassette together, including a lo-fi delay and reverb. You’ll even see how to emulate a reverb with a delay. With the Trackspacer plugin, Thomas shows you how, by side-chaining a vocal pad to a bass synth, you can fabricate exciting rhythmic, vocal stabs!

Other topics covered include creating drum loops with Quantum, synth processing with Quantum, using distortion as EQ with Spectre, generating distortion with Spectre, and more.

These Wavesfactory plugins are full of production possibilities, and with this Wavesfactory video course, Thomas provides you with numerous exciting options and also lays the groundwork for your own audio experimentation. Sometimes the most unique and legendary sounds are created by stepping outside of a piece of gear’s intended use. The next famous sonic innovation could be yours… watch “Wavesfactory: Creative Mixing & Sound Design” today!

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