Harderclass Rooler Masterclass 2020 TUTORIAL

Harderclass Rooler Masterclass 2020 TUTORIAL

Harderclass Rooler Masterclass 2020 TUTORIAL

In this almost 4 hour Masterclass you will sit in the studio next to ROOLER and have him explain to you exactly how he approaches music production. This class stands out in the diversity of topics ROOLER covers as well as the simplicity in which he makes his sounds. Easy to follow if you have made some tracks and are beginning to get into music production. ROOLER will show you how he builds Kicks from scratch using Microtonic as well as using samples, he will show you how he builds his Screeches, makes a Drop from scratch, makes Melodies from scratch and how he approaches his Marketing. He will walk you through how he made his tracks “YES” and “DISCOTEK” covering all important topics that made those tracks.

Including an exclusive ROOLER Sylenth 1 Preset Bank with 50+ ROOLER presets.

Topics covered in this Masterclass

  • Making a Drop from scratch
  • Making a Kick from scratch using Microtonic
  • Making a Kick from scratch using Samples
  • Kick FX
  • Making Chords
  • Making a Melody
  • Layering Melodies
  • Making a Synth Lead
  • Making the Buildup
  • Making Screeches
  • Vocal Editting
  • Artist Marketing
  • How to approach Social Media
  • How to approach Labels
  • Bookings Agency
  • Keeping your Music Interesting
  • Setting Goals
  • Track Walkthrough of YES
  • Track Walkthrough of DISCOTEK
  • Mixing
  • FX
  • Leads
  • Distortion
  • EQing
  • Vocals
  • Breaks
  • Drops

Included resources in this Masterclass

  • ROOLER Drop Project File
  • ROOLER Kick Project File
  • ROOLER Kick+Lead Presets
  • ROOLER Sample Pack
  • Personal message from ROOLER

DAW: FL Studio


Mixing / Mastering: Fabfilter Pro-Q 3

Instruments: Microtonic Sonic Charge | Sylenth1 | Xfer Serum | Fl Keys | Spectrasonics Omnisphere | FLEX | Reveal Sound Spire

Effects: Fruity Parametic EQ 2 | Fabfilter Pro-Q 3 | iZotope Trash 2 | Fruity Waveshaper | Fruity Reeverb 2 | Edison | Fabfilter Pro-L 2 | Fruit Kick | Fabfilter Pro-Q 2 | Ohmicide | Fabfilter Volcano 2 | Nicky Romero Kickstart | Fruity Limiter

Tonmann Deesser | Fruity Delay 2 | LexHall | Fabfilter Saturn | Brainworx bx_control V2 | Fruity Fast Dist | Endless Smile | Fabfilter Pro-Q

Language: English

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