Howard Smith SPIRE Starscape Soundset

Howard Smith Spire Starscape Soundset [SPF]

Howard Smith SPIRE Starscape Soundset

82 Cinematic Sci-Fi and Ambient inspired presets for all electronic productions. Starscape pads have
lots of movement for generating inspiring and ever evolving soundscapes.

82 Spire presets:

  •  6 Atmospheres
  •  8 Arps
  •  14 Basses
  •  8 FX
  •  26 Pads
  •  5 Plucks
  •  5 Keys
  •  10 Synths

Reveal Sound Spire synthesizer Version 1.5.11 Or higher.
* The video contains presets played live and recorded direct from Spire. All sounds are from Starscape and only a light limiter has been used for the demo.

The presets in this sound bank were created by Howard Smith and are 100% royalty free.
Please check the License Agreement for further information.

How to install:
open Spire, click on the “library” button, then on the “user library” folder and then below on “import”. There you can go to the folder with the swzip file and import it. That´s all.

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