Image Sounds Americana & Country Fiddle WAV

Image Sounds Americana & Country Fiddle WAV

Introducing “Americana & Country Fiddle” Sample Loop Collection
Get ready for a musical journey through America’s heartland with our latest offer, Americana & Country Fiddle. Capture the raw energy and authentic spirit of Americana and Country music styles with this comprehensive sample loop library. This collection has everything you need to bring your compositions to life, whether you’re drawn to the rustic charm of Americana or the timeless melodies of classic country.

Embrace the Roots of American Music:
“Americana & Country Fiddle” pays homage to the rich tapestry of American music, drawing inspiration from a wide range of styles and influences to create a collection that spans the entire spectrum of Americana and Country music. Featuring over 1.5 GB of meticulously crafted violin loops, Americana & Country Fiddle offers an extensive library of live and recorded samples to suit every musical need. Each loop is meticulously tempo-synced and labeled with its root key, ensuring seamless integration into your projects and allowing you to focus on unleashing your creativity.

From Heartfelt Ballads to Foot-Stomping Anthems:
Whether you’re composing a soul-stirring ballad, a foot-stomping hoedown, or a rollicking country anthem, Americana & Country Fiddle has you covered. With BPMs ranging from 70 to 240, you’ll find loops to suit every tempo and mood, allowing you to explore the full range of Americana and Country music styles with ease.

Unlock Your Creative Potential:
“More than just a sample library, Americana & Country Fiddle is a versatile toolkit for musicians and producers looking to infuse their compositions with the timeless sounds of Americana and Country music. Whether you’re creating heartfelt melodies, soulful harmonies, or driving rhythms, these loops will serve as a source of inspiration and authenticity to help you create music that resonates with audiences around the world.

Royalty-Free Freedom:
Like all of our products, Americana & Country Fiddle is 100% royalty-free, meaning you can use these loops in your music productions without any restrictions or limitations. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, you can create, innovate and share your music with confidence, knowing that your artistic vision is fully supported.

In conclusion, Americana & Country Fiddle is a must-have addition to the toolkit of any musician, producer, or composer looking to explore the rich heritage of American music. With its extensive collection of live-played fiddle loops, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to authenticity, this sample library is your gateway to a world of musical possibilities. Let Americana & Country Fiddle inspire your creativity and take your compositions to new heights.


  •  1,57 GB
  •  556 Violin Loops
  •  Live Performed & Played
  •  Tempo-Synced & Root Key Labeled
  •  70 BPM – 240 BPM
  •  100% Royalty Free

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