Master Rap The Beginners Course TUTORIAL

Master Rap The Beginners Course TUTORIAL

Master Rap The Beginners Course TUTORIAL

How to rap

What you’ll learn

  • History of rap, beats, beat counting, song structure, flow

30 minutes
Learn the basics of how to identify a beat and learn how to count them. Also identify song structure and why song structure is important. And flow
Incorporate these techniques at least ten minutes a day to improve your rapping abilities

No previous skills needed. Just an open mind and pen and paper.

Do you want rap a song? Rap like Eminem, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne or even lil baby? Do you struggle with rap? Look… Don’t worry, I used to suck at rapping also. It took me eight long hard and painful years to be able to rap at the level I do now. I had no mentors or anyone to teach me how to rap in the first three years I was lucky to have a mentor in the later years. the online gurus that was available at the time was still new and fresh, so as you can tell haha It sucked real bad, it sucked a lot ass to be honest haha.Look, I don’t want you to go through that pain and even though I am grateful for that stage, I think it best for me to take the arrows first so you can follow my steps and thrive without the pain of not figuring rap out. So in this course I have included everything I know In extreme detail tailored made just for you so you can learn every single thing in order for you to conquer the basics of rap.You don’t have to learn how to rap on your own. And even if you are rapper rapping only for fun then this course will allow you to climb the skill level quickly to truly have fun rapping. Rapping for me is extremely addictive when you’re good at it.How I want you to use this course is use it as a handbook where you can over different topics at a time in the pace that is desirable to you. Don’t worry about going step by step just do what makes sense.Overall this a fun and informative class for anyone looking to learn how to rap.By watching this course I can guarantee you will master the basics of how to rapIn this course you will learnWhat is rap?What is a beat?How to count beatsSong structure/what is it and the importance of itHow to identify the verse chorus and bridgeFlow/mumble flow/scatting.Multi syllabic rhymingSlant rhymesPoetic meter


Section 1: Introduction and what is rap?

  • Lecture 1 Introduction
  • Lecture 2 Rap history and what is rap?

Section 2: Beats and bpm

  • Lecture 3 What is a beat?
  • Lecture 4 How to count a beat

Section 3: songwriting

  • Lecture 5 Song structure
  • Lecture 6 Write your first verse.
  • Lecture 7 Identifying the verse, bridge and chorus on the instrumental
  • Lecture 8 Song structure part two
  • Lecture 9 Defeat writer’s block
  • Lecture 10 Using rhymezone

Section 4: flow

  • Lecture 11 Flow

Section 5: More advanced techniques

  • Lecture 12 Multi syllabic writing
  • Lecture 13 Slant rhymes
  • Lecture 14 internal rhymes
  • Lecture 15 poetic meter

This is for anyone who is willing to develop their skills as a rapper.,Anyone who want’s to be able to have the correct technique to express their selves musically

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