MatiasMac.SD Retrace WAV

MatiasMac.SD Retrace WAV

“Retrace” is a small pack of 96 strong sound elements.

If you need to create suspense, tension and action in your production, this library is great for you.

You will find a nice mixture of sound effects, looped percussive elements and looped cinematic musical instruments. That means if you are a musician who wants to define the building blocks of a track or maybe you are a sound designer who needs to create a musical moment in a scene from a sound design perspective, this library can help you to achieve those things.

CHECK the demo. It was created very quickly using only the sounds of the pack with NO ADDED EFFECTS, only mixing the levels of the sounds.

You will get:

  • 54 Cinematic musical instruments (loops. Electric guitar, bass, kalimba)
  • 22 Cinematic percussion elements (Loops. Hi-hat, kick drum, percussive metal)
  • 20 Fx (Atmospheric elements, drops and transitions)

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Demo Preview:

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