Matthew Weiss Mixing with Delay TUTORIAL

Matthew Weiss Mixing with Delay TUTORIAL

Matthew Weiss Mixing with Delay TUTORIAL
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Delay is an ESSENTIAL mixing tool, and this course will completely change the way you use it, so you can create remarkable mixes that leave your friends and clients speechless.

You get 3+ hours of in-studio video mix training with Matthew Weiss as your personal mixing mentor. You’ll see everything that’s covered below…

In short:

Matt walks you through his complete process and shows you step-by-step how to use the power of DELAY to transform your mixes… from boring to STUNNING.

Just Imagine…

Listening to your favorite tracks, comparing YOUR mixes, and thinking, “mine sound just as good!”

You’ll Be Crafting Remarkable Mixes— With the Gear You Already Have!

In fact, all you need is a computer, your DAW stock plugins, and a pair of headphones.

It doesn’t matter which DAW you use, either.

Because everything Matt teaches applies to any mixing software. You could use Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Ableton, Fruity Loops, you name it…

Section 1 — Understanding Delay

Finally understand how different types of Delay units really work… Next time you fire up a Delay, you’ll know exactly what each parameter does, and when you should or should not worry about it.

Section 2 — Mixing with Delay… De-Mystified

You’ll discover all the essentials of mixing with delay in any DAW… Starting with the most common uses of “macro delay“—without assuming any prior knowledge. That said, even experienced engineers will discover some pro secrets in this module.

Section 3 — Special Effects & Micro Delays

Flangers, feedbackers, echo verbs, and more. We’ll go under the hood… and beyond your standard delay applications. Discover how to dial in the perfect delay on vocals and more! Time to separate the pros from the schmo’s… ????

Section 4 — Putting it All Together

The final module builds on everything you’ve learned so far. Learn how to process delay returns with distortion, reverb, and pitch shifters. Plus you’ll see step-by-step how to use dynamic effects and automation to add a unique & professional signature to your mix. Your mixes will never be the same!



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