ModeAudio Machine Code (Serum Sequence Presets) [FXP]

ModeAudio Machine Code Serum Sequence Presets

ModeAudio Machine Code (Serum Sequence Presets) [FXP]

Launch your music whirling into motion with our latest set of propulsive synth presets, each one animated by a unique kinetic character and energy that will push your sessions to the frontiers of electronic sound – introducing Machine Code – Serum Sequence Presets!

Turn your version of Xfer Records’ Serum soft synth into a percussive juggernaut with this set of 50 royalty-free .fxp patches, spanning all manner of stuttering shards of billowing noise, crashing SFX and deft, pirouetting oscillations.

Divided into different flavours of synth, bass, pad, SFX and percussion sounds, this sparkling choice of sequences is powered chiefly through extensive use of Serum’s LFOs, sculpting a dazzling array of both rhythmic and melodic patterns out of our custom sound sources.

From silky chords and mellow pad parts to downright dirty basslines and aggressive, whiplash FX, this diverse sonic palette offers up a wide range of driving sounds that will fit an equally diverse set of genres, from subtly shifting Ambient soundscapes to in-your-face, hard-hitting EDM.

Built largely from a set of 40 custom wavetables, sampled from our own percussion and synth recordings, throwing these patches into Serum will bring a distinctly unique, dynamic edge to your productions. All 4 macros also come pre-assigned providing you with a host of options for twisting the sounds as you see fit.

Scrap the rulebook and transform Serum into a powerhouse of rhythmic dynamism – download Machine Code – Serum Sequence Presets today!


  • 14 Synth Presets
  • 9 Bass Presets
  • 9 FX Presets
  • 11 Pad Presets
  • 7 Percussion Presets

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