NI Cloud Supply v1.0.1 KONTAKT

NI Cloud Supply v1.0.1 KONTAKT

Native instruments Cloud Sypply KONTAKT

As part of the KONTAKT Play Series of instruments, CLOUD SUPPLY captures the spirit of contemporary trap, grime, hip hop, and drill music. Melodic leads, hazy hooks, fuzzy plucks and
washy pads are paired with an extensive range of editing tools and performance controls.

CLOUD SUPPLY was created with Grammy Award winning producer and writer Snipe Young, and
offers a sound library comprised of over 125 sounds and 150 presets. Using the six macro controls, you can easily tweak each preset sound and radically change the sonic character and behavior to create alternative timbres.

As with all Play Series instruments, CLOUD SUPPLY aims to balance intuitive, performance-focused sound design and detailed editing. The Macros offer quick and dynamic control over the
synth engine, designed for smooth operation and playability that enables you to effortlessly shape
and save your own sounds.

For those who wish to go deeper in sound design, you will find powerful sound editing tools and
custom effects chains that offer further control and inspiration. CLOUD SUPPLY also contains an
analog-style sequencer that can produce complex melodic and rhythmical patterns. If you’re
searching for some inspiration, you can try the randomize feature and see where it takes you. Ultimately, CLOUD SUPPLY’s flexibility and playability should encourage you to explore sounds in an exciting and intuitive way.


  • Create huge hooks with synth keys, plucks, pads, melodic arpeggios, and more
  • 150 presets of melodic fire for trap, hip hop, drill, and grime
  • Effortlessly tweak sounds to hit your sweet spot or dive deep and create your own custom presets, effects chains, and macro controls
  • Part of the Play Series: Great-sounding presets and real-time control in an intuitive interface


CLOUD SUPPLY offers a simple yet powerful interface built around two sound sources and six
macro controls. Five additional views—Sound, FX, Sequencer, Macros and Settings—provide further control and editing options for different parts of the synth engine. The six macros can be assigned to various dedicated sound parameters for instant sound sculpting from any view.

The Sound view covers all sound generating features, including traditional subtractive synthesizerv
controls and CLOUD SUPPLY’s unique lo-fi sound-shaping tools. Using the FX view, you can create highly customized effects chains for further tonal control and expression. From classic timebased effects like reverb, delay and chorus, to dynamic effects, saturation, amp emulations and
more, the FX view encourages creativity and provides controls that allow you to define the character of your sound.

In the Macros view, you can assign and manage the six macros to suit your needs. In the Settings
view, you can tweak how the synthesizer reacts to your playing style and how notes are prioritized
for each layer.

In the Sequencer view, you can create a 16-step melodic phrase, with velocity modulation for control over dynamics. Six additional sequencing lanes provide further control over the six macros, allowing for precise and nuanced sound design, as well as dramatic and unexpected discoveries.
CLOUD SUPPLY contains the following key elements and controls:

Thank you for using CLOUD SUPPLY and we hope you enjoy it!

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