Noise Makers Binau Bundle 2 v2.0.0 [WIN]

Noise Makers Binau Bundle 2 v2.0.0 [WIN]

Binauralizer Pro 2 extends Binauralizer 2 with Binaural Room Impulse Responses (BRIRs) providing new possibilities for distance simulation and sound externalisation.


  • Full 360° panning with elevation (new)
  • Spatial room effect based on measured BRIRs (new)
  • Control of distance attenuation (new)
  • Pad for simultaneous control of width and position
  • SOFA importer for up to 5 custom HRTF filters (new)
  • Sampling frequency up to 192 kHz
  • Six input formats : mono, stereo, quad, 5.1, 7.1, 8.0
  • Plugin format : VST3, AU, AAX for Mac (Intel/Silicon) and Windows

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