Push Button Bang Dark Nu Wave Disco MULTIFORMAT

Push Button Bang Dark Nu Wave Disco MULTIFORMAT

Push Button Bang Dark Nu Wave Disco MULTIFORMAT

‘Dark Nu Wave Disco’ blends the original sounds of the analogue era into a modern melting pot of Dark disco, Electro Funk and New Wav Synth Pop.

This mix of ‘classic’ and ‘current styles’ gives you the genuine sound of Disco Synth Funk with a unique, dark, & modern twist.

You’ll find an awesome, inspiring, mysterious, and downright funky mix of human and synth, live instruments, and programmed loops, all with content from the original equipment used in early days of New Wave Synth Pop styles and the Disco and Electro Funk Eras.

Everything about this pack is authentic, with the warmth and character that was so pleasing on the analogue recordings of the day.

Whats in the pack:

The Loop content:

  • 200 + loops
  • Funky Bass and guitar loops, original 80s disco fills, gritty dark analogue synths, new wave synths and melodies and fat drum loops
  • 7 Multi track song starter kits with wav and midi arrangements

The single hit content:

  • 300+ Thick, warm drum sounds, the majority sourced from the original drum machines and drum kits used back in the day.
  • 50+ Funk Hits, trills and disco stabs for adding impact and colour to your
  • 60+ Dark analogue synth strings, pads, and stabs.
  • 25 Additional transition noise fx

The patch content

53 Custom analogue instruments made using some of the legendary analogue monsters of the disco and new wave eras, demonstrating the dark side of these rare synths. Sourced equipment including Akai Ax80, Fender Polaris Korg MonoPoly, Roland Hs80, jupiter 4, JX8P. Sh-2 Yamaha cs 30 and lots more.

Fully multi sampled to provide the accurate reenactment of each sound.

The sounds are great for any style you want some real analogue feel for, most notably new wave, electro funk, disco and dark analogue era film soundtracks reminiscent of movies such as “Drive”, “It follows” and “Maniac”.

Live pack version

Features all the above content, with the patches arranged into 50 custom instruments racks, with additional fx and arp settings to give you a whole range of creative starting points for new melodies and sequences.

All sounds tempo and key mapped and arranged into easy access subfolders for clear and quick library browsing.

If you are working with funky house, nu disco, new wave electro soundtracks and synth pop, this collection is guaranteed to offer you the perfect mix of styles, download it now and put some analogue funky darkness in your disco today.


  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 20 Bass Loops
  • 19 Fills
  • 18 Instrument Loops
  • 32 MIDI Files
  • 53 Analogue Instrument Multis
  • 7 Cymbals
  • 70 Hat Samples
  • 41 Perc Samples
  • 48 Snare Samples
  • 25 FX
  • 6 Brass Hits
  • 39 Long Synth Hits
  • 53 Analogue Instrument Multi Sampler patches for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, SFZ & EXS2435 Drum Loops
  • 16 Guitar Loops
  • 7 Starter Kits
  • 20 Top Loops
  • 17 Clap Samples
  • 2 Drum FX
  • 30 Kick Samples
  • 22 Shakers
  • 13 Tom Samples
  • 12 Bass Hits
  • 36 Funk Hits
  • 30 Short Synth Hits


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