refx Nexus 3 Expansion: Hollywood 3 Bundle

refx Nexus 3 Expansion: Hollywood 3 Bundle

refx Nexus 3 Expansion: Hollywood 3 Bundle

Score the complete Nexus Hollywood pack: All four Hollywood 3 libraries.

This quartet of expansion packs – Epic Collection, Ethno, Drumkits & Percussion, and Guitars – offers more than 390 presets and 16GB of sampled instruments from around the world.

Excellence awaits.

Included expansions

Hollywood 3 Epic Collection

Expand your library with larger-than-life sounds from Tutti Orchestral recordings, huge brass and string sections, cutting-edge trailer sounds, dramatic drum ensembles, atmospheric magic, and inspiring sequences and arpeggios.

This blockbuster expansion pack will become the new epicenter of all your productions.

Hollywood 3 Ethno

You’ll have the whole world in your hands with this impressive expansion back that brings together authentic sounds from Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and India – and even includes rare and ancient instruments.

All professional players were used to blow, pluck, hit, bow, and play this panoply of world instruments. Prepare to explore uncharted territories of sound!

Hollywood 3 Drumkits & Percussions

This one gives “Drum roll, please” a whole new meaning. With up to 16 round robins and 10 velocity zones, playing a single preset can involve more than 1,000 samples – and that’s just the beginning!

This kit also includes percussive sounds of all shapes and sizes, from metal hits recorded in a junkyard to gigantic Taiko drums, as well as loops and fills played by virtuoso percussionists.

Hollywood 3 Guitars

Experience cinematic guitars at their finest with this vast selection of acoustic steel, nylon, electric, distorted, and bass guitars – all sampled with precision and passion.

Whether you need muted or open power chords, Spanish guitars with note slides, Western guitars, concert-worthy steel guitars, funky slap basses, warm jazz guitars, or epic leads, this expansion pack delivers!


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