Standalone-Music 8OOM! Serum Hybrid 808 By 7 SKIES

8OOM – 808 SERUM PRESETS By 7 SKIES 8OOM! by 7SKIES (Serum Presets and Wavetables + Logic channel strips + Ableton Live racks + 808s Samples)


808 Serum Presets, Innovation is Key
When is the last time you bought an 808 sample pack that truly amazed you?
Some might be better than other, louder, better recorded, better compressed, but it’s always the same thing.
We believe in innovation, in changing the game and delivering products that no-one has ever done before.

Punchy, Boomy, Versatile.
Using Serum is the perfect solution for 808s that sound legit but also consistently fresh.
You can control and change the wavetable, alter the attack of the kick with the 50 different attacks we provided, set the bend of the sub/tail, your fresh 808 is just a few clicks away.
Just put the content in the serum presets folder and you are ready to go!

Extensive control
We programmed every patch to take advantage of the powerful macros in Serum, and we made as consistent as possible to be easily remembered and accessible for you.
Macros will allow you control the Attack volume, length of the 808, Distortion, wavetable warp and the initial tuning, allowing you to get that tune sweep that is typical of the 808.

Capturing the essence of the 808
We used the same techniques that were used in our successful SYMPHONY library, to capture the same character of the 808, we sampled single cycles of several 808 recordings, some clean, some distorted, some clipped thru pre-amps.
Everything is then converted to wavetables and the results are stunning and LEGIT AF!

8OOM comes with 70 808 Serum Presets designed by 7 Skies, 60 Wavetables, 40 Attacks, 280 Key Labelled 808 Samples (wav format), 3 Ableton Live Racks, 3 Logic Pro x Channel Strips to take your 808 Sound to the next level

The Last 808 Pack You’ll Ever Need

8OOM is not only designed to deliver incredible sounding 808 straight out of the box.
Our goal was to create presets that you can customise to your liking with just a couple clicks.
Load an 808 Preset, change the wavetable or the attack (from the noise OSC) and BOOM! You have a new and unique 808

Macros & Mod Wheel

The presets have extensive use of Macros.
Macro 1, controls the Attack volume and Sub shape, if the attack is there, the sub has a slow attack leaving room to the punch. Macro 2 controls the length of the 808, Macro 3 the distortion. Macro 4 varies from sub tuning to warp effects.
Also, the Mod Wheel controls the 808 Release, making it a breeze to cut the tail if necessary.

Real 808 Wavetables

To deliver the most authentic sound possible, we used the same techniques used with our library with KSHMR, SYMPHONY.
We recorded and sampled several different 808 and carefully turned them into wavetables.
Combine this with real 808 attacks processed and layered at the state of the art, and You get stunning results

It Comes With Samples

Samples are always handy, so in addition to the 70 808 Serum Presets, we decided to sample all of the presets in 4 different keys so that when you need to pitch them, you always have the least artifacts and quality loss possible.
This gives you a total of 280 different .wav files carefully organized tagged and easy to find when looking for the same 808 in a different key

What you get inside 8OOM!

70 808 Serum Presets
by top sound designer and music producer 7 SKIES
(featured on Trap Nation, Spinnin Records, Dim Mak & More)

280 808 Samples
Key Labelled
(C0, E0, G#0, C1)

Mixing Tools
3 Ableton Live Racks & 3 Logic X Channel Strip
To give your 808 That Extra Boost.

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