Studio Sounds Glitch WAV

Studio Sounds Glitch WAV

Studio Sounds Glitch WAV

Glitch is an all custom drum kit/sample pack designed exclusively for Studio Sounds. This kit draws influence from retro gaming and arcade sounds to give you a whole new range of unique percussive elements to create with!

This pack features 3 separate FX folders (Warped, Drops & Hits, Blips) and 3 warped drum folders (Kicks, Hats, Snares), giving you access to the right sounds for every idea!

Every sound is also 100 percent royalty free so you can always create and share your work without the hassle and constraints of copyright claims/royalties. Glitch might not be the kit you use in every beat but it’ll be the kit that pays for itself when it sparks just the perfect idea for a smash!


  • 15 Warped Kicks
  • 58 FX – Blips
  • 9 FX – Drops & Hits
  • 20 FX – Warped
  • 11 Hi-Hats & Cymbals
  • 9 Snares

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