The Loop Loft Flipped Drums Bundle WAV

The Loop Loft Flipped Drums Bundle WAV

The Loop Loft Flipped Drums Vol 1-3 Bundle WAV

The Flipped Drum Bundle gives you instant access to all 3 of our acclaimed Flipped libraries, all at a massive bundled savings! If you’re looking for loops and samples that are anything but “standard”, this is the drum collection you’ve been waiting for.

About Flipped Drums

Ready to go beyond breakbeats? We just flipped the drum world in every direction but the usual 2 & 4 backbeats. The Flipped Drums series is an entire collection of loops and samples focused on live drum grooves, but flipped on their head, putting an entirely new syncopated dimension into your next production.

The bundle includes twelve unique sessions, each recorded on a different drum kit with an array of vintage preamps, high-end mics and that special Loop Loft attention to detail that will let these grooves shine in any mix.

Flipped Drums Features:

  • Number of Sessions: 18
  • Number of Loops: 690
  • Number of Samples: 218
  • File Size: 1 GB

Sets included:

  • CrispyDelay_112bpm
  • Subterranean_90bpm
  • ThickCoat_73bpm
  • TrashNight_82bpm
  • TwoTimes_120bpm
  • VintageTurn_105bpm
  • BeefSticks_110bpm
  • BrokenJingle_124bpm
  • Dubby_85bpm
  • ItBites_117bpm
  • Late78_78bpm
  • LetLoose_95bpm
  • BreakIt_124bpm
  • BrushFlip_102bpm
  • DrumTherapy_88bpm
  • Gretschy_93bpm
  • Snappy_116bpm
  • VistaTight_83bpm

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