The Oxford Handbook of Technology & Music Education PDF

The Oxford Handbook of Technology & Music Education

The Oxford Handbook of Technology & Music Education PDF

Few aspects of daily existence are untouched by technology. The learning and teaching of music is no exception, and arguably has been impacted as much or more than other areas of life. Digital technologies have come to affect music learning and teaching in profound ways, influencing everything from how we create, listen, share, consume, interact, and conceptualize musical practices and the musical experience.

For a discipline as entrenched in tradition as music education, this has brought forth myriad views on what does and should constitute music learning and teaching. In order to tease out and elucidate some of the salient problems, interests, and issues, this volume sought to critically situate technology in relation to music education from a variety of perspectives: historical, philosophical, socio-cultural, pedagogical, musical, economic, policy, and so on, organized around four broad themes: (1) Emergence and Evolution, (2) Locations and Contexts: Social and Cultural Issues, (3) Experiencing, Expressing, Learning and Teaching, and (4) Competence, Credentialing, and Professional Development. The editors solicited essays from 22 “Core Perspective” and 19 “Further Perspective” authors based on their potential to contribute a diversity of perspectives on technology and music education in terms of gender, theoretical perspective, geographical distribution, and relationship to the field.

The overall thrust was to provide contrasting perspectives and conversational voices rather than reinforce traditional narratives and prevailing discourses. The website provides opportunities to participate and sustain the dialogue relating to technology and music education.

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