Tone Empire BlackQ V3 v1.0.0 [WIN]

Tone Empire BlackQ V3 v1.0.0 [WIN]

The Philosophy behind Smooth Tube EQ
At Tone – Empire we are obsessed with “Sound”

We recently brought a vintage unit to life by building the hardware version over 6 months, changing tubes, transformers and signal paths.

The result was simply “Stunning”
Then combining this with a versatile EQ Design, we developed a monster Tube EQ in the DSP world, a kind of hybrid with a sound going from ” Clean and Silky ” to full-on ” Crunchy ” sounding saturations.

TYPE A gives you a great “FULL” sound including a “Big” Low end and TYPE B gives you a crunchier mid/high enhanced sound.
These choices make it possible to use this eq on a variety of sound materials from Drums to vocals, Piano, string instruments, Bass, Synths and as a mastering unit itself.

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Demo Preview:

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