Toontrack The Eighties EBX [SOUNDBANK]

Toontrack The Eighties EBX [SOUNDBANK]

Toontrack The Eighties EBX [SOUNDBANK]

An EBX that merges electric and electronic, just like the eighties!

Much like the decade itself, The Eighties EBX is a merge of electric and electronic. It comes with two individual instruments, one high-end electric bass guitar as well as one classic analog synthesizer, each handpicked for their individual qualities and overall influence on the music of the time.

In addition to the instruments themselves, The Eighties EBX also includes a wealth of presets for a wide range of tones as well as a custom library of MIDI, allowing you to start writing and producing from the get-go.

If you’re looking for the ultimate palette of ’80s-like bass tones designed to work in anything from pop and rock to all-electronic new wave or synth pop, this is it. Welcome to your new go-to EZbass expansion!

Two instruments: one high-end electric bass guitar and one synth bass based on an iconic analog synthesizer
Inspired by the sound and music of the ’80s
Ideal for anything from vintage to modern-sounding pop, rock and electronic productions
Electric bass sampled with finger and pick options
Synth bass features up to three user-controllable oscillators for each preset
Both instruments offer a range from A0 to E4
Includes a wealth of presets for a wide range of ’80s-inspired tones
Includes a collection of MIDI tailored for each instrument

When looking to provide the two essential session staples that could encapsulate the sound of ’80s bass, the choice was easy: the Wal Mk1* and the iconic Minimoog Model D.*

The ultimate bass guitar.

From the outset back in the late ’70s, Wal’s ambition was as simple as it was bold: to build the ultimate session player instrument. In order to accomplish this, the then-small team designed virtually every component that went into it from the ground up, involving top players and producers in the process. In 1980, the first 20 prototype custom basses were made available, now known as the Mk1 (which is the same model as sampled for this EBX). In the years to come, the popularity of the brand grew and the Wal bass became a mainstay in the UK session circuit and around the world.

Although the first Wals surfaced more than some forty years ago, still to this day each and every bass that leaves the shop is produced with the same luthier ethos and scrutiny.

The synth that changed everything.

In an effort of offering an affordable and portable option of a modular synth, the Minimoog* was launched in the 1970s. In terms of synthesizers, the impact it had on music on a whole is unparalleled. Seeping through to virtually every facet and style, it became a lynchpin in the development in anything from funk to hip-hop and would even later come to lay the groundwork for altogether new genres. Aside from the fact that it was portable and that artists were able to finally bring the keyboard out of the studio and to the stage, the thing with the Minimoog was that it could carry a melody just as well as it could serve as the backbone of the rhythm section. Indeed, it was just as much a bass as it was a keyboard – a fact underlined in countless songs during the era when it perhaps made its most famed contributions: the eighties.

The instrument in question for this EBX is a completely restored, recapped and calibrated Minimoog* Model D Rev. 2 from 1976. Simply put, it’s a piece of history – sampled and tweaked to virtually scream eighties bass in every fabric of its being.

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