Touch Loops Sunset Soul WAV

Touch Loops Sunset Soul WAV

Touch Loops Sunset Soul WAV

Beautifully Vintage Lo-Fi Soul Loops
Introducing Sunset Soul – Our finest collection of truly authentic Lo-Fi soul samples that harness the essence, soul and character of those classic 70’s Stax Records must haves. From the dusty classic bass tones to the Neo-Soul tinged guitar licks, each sample is just oozing with love, character and emotion.

If you love sampling, create hip-hop or adore music with emotion, read on.. we’re proud of this one!

Sample Ready Neo-Soul Guitar Loops
Sunset Soul was created by close friends of the company Jonni Scott & Dominic Kotlarzewski. Two of the UK’s finest session and live performers, they’ve shared the stage with artists as prestigious as ‘Stormzy’ as well as cutting their teeth in the incredible church scene. It’s those years of practice and obsession with tone that led us to create this incredible collection.

Inside we’re talking beautifully performed soulful Rhodes and upright piano loops akin to D’Angelo & the Neo-Soul scene, grooving bass loops that just ‘fit’ in the pocket, gliding and evocative Fender Telecaster guitar loops and some of the most creative processing we’ve ever seen. So..

Download Incredible Soulful Piano Samples
If you produce soulful hip-hop, Lo-Fi Soul, beats or are obsessed with sampling then this one is a must have. Beautiful, emotive, textured and expertly performed, these producers rate so highly in our eyes!


Size: 1.03Gb
Loops: 235
Tempos: 80-150 Bpm
Styles – Lo-Fi Soul Samples perfect for sampling. Upright piano loops, live bass, Neo-Soul guitar samples, Rhodes piano loops.


Demo Preview:

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