Touring Guitarist Handbook TUTORIAL

Touring Guitarist Handbook TUTORIAL

This course highlights tips and tricks learned over two decades of real-world experience as a touring guitarist. For bands and musicians who are not signed, don’t have managers or agents, but are willing to do the hard work and pay their dues to take their show on the road.

From advice on how to properly pack a trailer, to the various ways to place a microphone in front of an amplifier, this book includes a wide range of topics, and is sure to have something for musicians of all experience levels. Major topics addressed include, but are not limited to:

  •  Planning the tour – from how to choose which cities to visit, to how to pack your trailer or van
  •  Promoting the tour – from how to write a press release, to how to maximize your social media use
  •  Gear and supplies – from how to set up your guitar and which effects work best live, to where to place the mic in front of your amp
  •  Life on the road – from the best gas stations and how to deal with boredom to winter driving tips
  •  Putting on a great show – from how to fine tune your tone to a room to how to get along with your bandmates for optimum teamwork
  •  Merchandise and revenue – from how to get creative when it comes to choosing your merch, to crowdfunding techniques, to tips on making sure you get paid by the venue
  •  Connecting with fans – from using social media marketing creatively to general tips on in-person interactions with fans at the show

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