Treasure Island (Sample Library) WAV

Pilgrim Treasure Island (Sample Library) WAV

Treasure Island (Sample Library) WAV
Size 818 Mb

Pilgrim – Treasure Island (Sample Library)

52 original compositions created from scratch by Pilgrim

+ Compatible With Any DAW (Fruity Loops, Pro Tools, Reason, Logic, Ableton, etc)

+ Original And Unique Compositions, Ready To Be Looped, Chopped & Processed.

+ Master Clearance Guaranteed (Read License)

+ Comes In Stereo WAV 16/44 Formattingadvance 158BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav

Treasure Island (Sample Library) contains these files:

anthem 128BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
anti 83BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
balance 170BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
bean 155BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
bipolar 135BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
BITCHES 148BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
break even 136BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
candyland 130BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
chemicals 157BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
chronic 115BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
ciroc 97BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
corona 161BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
corporate 109BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
dialect 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
edison 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
Eon 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
evol 80BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
few 152BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
fiction 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
finding nemo 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
fortune 148BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
goyard 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
high profile 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
image 127BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
lcd 80BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
limon 93BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
mane 110BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
mantra 80BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
mercury 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
modern 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
murder 125BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
neon 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
oracle 162BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
out the way 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
papr chase 142BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
pilgrim – Treasure Island Sample Library Artwork.jpeg
pirates treasure 88BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
qrs 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
revamp 80BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
saint 95BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
seasons 149BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
sherbet 154BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
sitting duck 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
swindle 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
synthpack 165BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
topic 78BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
valhalla 90BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
venture 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
villain 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
vista 80BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
warlock 160BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav
wishing 70BPM @pilgrimbeats.wav


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