Tribe Caribe Radio Bolero WAV

Tribe Caribe Radio Bolero WAV

Tribe Caribe Radio Bolero WAV

Radio Bolero is one of Tribe Caribe’s most ambitious packs to date. Arranged, planned and curated by Andrés Levin and Jaxx Landry, recordings took place in Havana and Mexico City with seasoned top session musicians.

Bolero began as a lively Spanish dance in the 18th century. It evolved into a slower, romantic style with passionate lyrics and strong guitar melodies. In the 19th century, Bolero blossomed in Cuba, blending with Spanish and African musical influences.

Mexico fell under the spell of Bolero in the early 20th century. Mexican singers and composers embraced the genre, adding their own unique flavor to the mix. Boleros with ranchera influences emerged, incorporating elements of mariachi music and storytelling lyrics.

Radio Bolero offers a treasure trove of meticulously crafted Bolero loops, capturing the essence of this captivating genre across its Cuban and Mexican iterations. Expect to find lush guitar progressions, expressive horn lines, evocative piano chords, and heartwarming vocal snippets. Crisp claves, dynamic bongo patterns, and tasteful afro-cuban flourishes.

We made sure to add an authentic Bolero atmosphere: A curated selection of one-shots, ambience recordings, and other elements to add depth and character to your productions.

Unlock the magic of Bolero and infuse your music with its timeless allure!

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