Ultimate Guitar Toolkit WAV

Ultimate Guitar Toolkit WAV

Ultimate Guitar Toolkit WAV

Struggling to get studio-quality guitars and bass into your production? Music guru Hyperbits has made the pack for you! ‘Ultimate Guitar Toolkit’ features 3 guitar styles (Acoustic, Electric Clean and Electric Crunchy) played in every key (seriously EVERY key), in an array of chord progressions, palm-muted rhythms, small plucks and more, for top-notch flexibility and usability. Plus almost 300 live bass takes including bass slides, bass pops, bass clicks, bass loops, and bass bends in order to add that extra layer of human interest into your productions. This collection is a game changer.

“For years, I found myself laying down guitar takes for similar, repetitive purposes. And if I’m being honest, it’s using organic instruments like this that had an A&R at Interscope Records set a meeting with me. “Really impressed with your production,” he said. This is when I realized that the guitar is a difficult instrument to get right — from recording, to tone selection, to performance, to mixing and processing, there are a lot of opportunities for error. That’s when my team decided to record every guitar take we’d ever need, in every key. For real though, imagine having every guitar chord recorded in three different tones (acoustic, clean electric, and distorted electric) in three different BPMs for maximum flexibility. Having access to this guitar toolkit will exponentially speed up your workflow and add unique textures and organic sounds. That’s what this technical guitar toolkit is. It’s like having a professional player or studio musician at your fingertips at all times.

Personally (and selfishly), one of the coolest perks of running a music production business is that I get to build all the stuff I really want to use myself. You know, the stuff that either doesn’t exist yet or the sounds I always wished I could find over the past decade. This Technical Guitar Toolkit is just that and will add organic flavour and acoustic diligence into your music. All in?”

So what are you waiting for? Add a classic organic flavour to your tracks!

*Drums and melodic content in demo are not included in the pack. This is a guitar and guitar effects pack only.”

Pack Contents

  • 2174 Total Sounds
  • 576 Palm Muted Loops
  • 576 Strummed Loops
  • 219 Bass Loops
  • 192 Acoustic Strums
  • 192 Clean Electric Chords
  • 192 Crunchy Electric Chords
  • 76 Guitar FX One Shots
  • 50 Guitar Chord Loops
  • 50 Guitar Melody Loops
  • 27 Bass Slide One Shots
  • 24 Bass One Shots

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Demo Preview:

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