VOX Lush Vocals & Keys by Marie Dahlstrøm WAV

Lush Vocals & Keys by Marie Dahlstrøm

VOX Lush Vocals & Keys by Marie Dahlstrøm WAV

This collection of heartwarming samples from the London-based songstress Marie Dahlstrøm are designed to reach producers, not only in R&B, but creators experimenting in many styles and genres. Marie wanted to create a versatile sample pack of clean, as well as processed vocal and instrumental ideas, including a variety of riffs, runs, beautifully stacked harmonies, short phrases & vocal hooks for producers to explore their creativity freely.

Moving to London 9 years ago from her hometown of Roskilde in Denmark – Dahlstrøm made a significant name for herself, instantly becoming recognised by her warm, jazz-tinged, soulful R&B vocal tones. Since the release of her 2011 EP ‘Feelings’ – Dahlstrøm has elegantly toed the line between Jazz, R&B, and Hiphop, taking her fans on quite the journey over these past 9 years. In 2020 she released her debut album ‘Like Sand’, the title track for which stands with over 2.3 million plays.


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