Ztekno Techno Wasp [MULTIFORMAT]

Ztekno Techno Wasp

Ztekno Techno Wasp [MULTIFORMAT]

‘Techno Wasp’ by Ztekno features a huge amount of content to create a high-quality Techno Sound inspired by the best producers of Techno and underground music, such as Adam Beyer, ANNA, Layton Giordani, Christian Smith, Pig&Dan, Victor Ruiz, Alan Fitzpatrick, Rebuke, Thomas Schumacher, Wehbba, and labels like Drumcode, Terminal M, KNXT, Relief, Reload Records and more, and we go a little ahead of our time, inspiring many stars of the Techno and Underground scene.

In this product you will find absolutely everything to get inspired and continue to create tracks! We have included some bonuses in addition to this product: A project file for shareware Reaper DAW and 10 Construction Kits for inspiration! We want to warn you that we also use third-party plugins for Reaper DAW.

Please do not forget that all the melodic parts of our packs fit together as much as possible: take a synthesizer loop of a certain note and take a bass line of the same note and you will hear that in 99% of cases they complement each other perfectly. Also, absolutely all samples are cleared of resonances for convenient work. Of course, this does not mean that you need to strictly use loops of certain notes and ordinal numbers, absolutely not! Harmony is everywhere!

In detail, expect to find 3.09 GB of content, with all audio recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 80 Synth Loops,40 Synth (MIDIs) Loops,80 Bass Loops, 40 Bass (MIDIs) Loops, 290 Drum Loops (Incl. Tops, Percussions, Hats, Kicks, ClapSnares), 50 SFXs, 235 Drum Hits, 12 Chords,32 Soft Sampler Patches (EX2S4, NI Kontakt 3+, NNXT, SFZ), 20 Full Hybrid Instruments (NI Kontakt 5.5.1+), 40 VST Synth Patches (Synthmaster 2.9, VPS Avenger, Pigments 3), 1 Reaper DAW Project, 10 Inspiration Kits, and 1 Ableton Live Project (9.7.5+).

Product Details:

  •  80 Synth Loops (Dry & Wet versions)
  •  40 Synth (MIDIs) Loops
  •  80 Bass Loops (Side Chain)
  •  40 Bass (MIDIs) Loops
  •  290 Drum Loops (Tops, Kicks, Percussions, Hats, Clap/Snares)
  •  50 SFXs (Synth SFXs, Drones, Foley)
  •  235 Drum Hits
  •  40 VST Synth Patches (Synthmaster 2.9, VPS Avenger 1.6.2)
  •  12 Chords
  •  32 Soft Sampler Patches (EX2S4, NI Kontakt 3+,NNXT,SFZ)
  •  20 Full Hybrid Instruments (10 Basses,10 Synths, NI Kontakt 5.5.1)
  •  10 Inspiration Kits
  •  1 Reaper DAW Project (6.27+)
  •  1 Ableton Live DAW Project (9.7.5+)
  •  Recorded At 128 BPM

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