Basic Electronic Music Theory: Scales, Chords, Melodies [TUTORIAL]

Basic Electronic Music Theory: Scales, Chords, Melodies [TUTORIAL]

Come aboard as we start a thrilling adventure into the world of Music Theory, specially designed for electronic music creators just like you!

This course covers everything you need to know about scales, chords, and melodies, allowing you to fully understanding their potential in your music production journey.

Through engaging lessons, we’ll uncover the core principles of music theory in a way that’s easy to understand and apply. You’ll learn the ins and outs of scales and how to craft captivating melodies that leave a lasting impact on your listeners. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced producer, this course is your ticket to acquiring the essential skills and insights needed to excel in the competitive world of electronic music. Get ready to unlock your creative potential and elevate your productions to new heights!

Topics covered:

  • The notes
  • Why music theory?
  • What is a piano roll?
  • Major scale
  • Minor scale
  • Relative scale
  • Minor melodic, Arabic, and other scales
  • A trick so you don’t have to learn music theory!
  • Major chords
  • Minor chords
  • Augmented chords
  • Suspended chords
  • Diminished chords
  • How to make electric sounds realistic?
  • How to apply music theory in your song
  • And the list goes on…

I will primarily use FL Studio in this course, but feel free to use any other DAW simultaneously to enhance your music theory skills and avoid creating monotonous or dull tracks.

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