BigWerks Hydronexius KONTAKT

BigWerks Hydronexius KONTAKT

BigWerks Hydronexius KONTAKT

Designed To Fit Well with Any Genres!
‘Hydronexius’ Kontakt Library by BigWerks comes with 140+ Sounds & Drums that were designed to fit well with any genre of music!

Instruments include bass, bells, brass, SFX, leads, formats, strings, saws, brass, plucks, piano, pads, 808s, drums, snares, hi-hats & subs.

You’ll also find a full On-Board FX Suite including amp envelopes, glide, image, LFO, phaser, delay, reverb & flanger.

Download this incredible Kontakt Library today!

Pack Includes:

  • 140+ Kontakt Instruments
  • Bass
  • Bells
  • Brass
  • SFX
  • Leads
  • Formats
  • Strings
  • Saws
  • Brass
  • Plucks
  • Piano
  • Pads
  • 808s
  • Drums
  • Snares
  • Hi-Hats
  • Subs
  • Full On-Board FX Suite
  • 100% Royalty-Free

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