Blues guitar scales & licks TUTORIAL

Blues guitar scales & licks TUTORIAL

Blues guitar scales & licks TUTORIAL

Designed to help guitarists expand their knowledge of the blues by learning to talk the blues. This course covers the five positions of the blues pentatonic scales, and looks at the underlying modal scales. The first five modules look at those scale shapes and the associated modal scales. The licks are taken out of those scale shapes.

The final three modules take a look at a complete performance over a 12 bar sequence. That performance is the broken down lick by lick and presented as individual lectures.

It has been designed to help you learn in the way that suits you best. The modular design of each video lecture allows you to take any lick from any module, learn it and apply it straight away. Alternatively you can go through the course in the sequence offered. The choice is yours.

The lectures are short, with simple demonstrations of the lick played at normal pace, followed by a slide showing the notes used when I played the lick. Finally the lick is repeated in slow motion so you can see how it was played.

For much less than the price of a single guitar lesson, you get access to over sixty ideas that will stretch your playing to another level. You also get the course resource book which covers all the scale positions used throughout the lectures.

If this is what you are looking for, grab the opportunity today.

What you’ll learn

  • Develop a greater understanding of blues lead guitar
  • Generate a practical and usable series of ideas that can be used from minute one.
  • Take those ideas and use them in a real blues setting.
  • bove all, learn to speak the blues through the guitar

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