Brazilian Bass by Incognet WAV MIDI PRESETS

Brazilian Bass by Incognet WAV MIDI PRESETS

Brazilian Bass by Incognet WAV MIDI PRESETS

Introducing the ultimate sonic arsenal for all the rhythm aficionados out there! Immerse yourself in the infectious basses of Brazil with our sizzling-hot Brazilian Bass sample pack. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pack is a powerhouse of pulsating basslines, catchy melodies, and irresistible grooves that will make your productions stand out from the crowd.

Get ready to unleash a tidal wave of energy on the dancefloor as you dive into a treasure trove of 100% royalty-free, handcrafted samples. With a staggering selection of thunderous kicks, punchy snares, vibrant percussion, and propelling synth loops, this pack will elevate your tracks to unprecedented levels of sonic excellence.

Expect to find 1.27 GB of 24-bit sampling content with a huge 27 construction kits to spark new track ideas within a matter of seconds!

Inspired by the sound of artists like Bhaskar, Felguk, Alok, Dubdogz, Schillist, Fancy Inc, Victor Lou, Zuffo, and more!

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting your musical journey, this sample pack provides a seamless creative experience. Each sample is expertly crafted, ensuring flawless integration into your productions. This pack has everything from dark and brooding basslines that rumble the speakers to euphoric melodies that will send shivers down your spine.

Ready to take your productions to the next level? Unleash the power of Brazilian Bass by Incognet and watch as the dancefloor ignites with explosive energy. Grab this sample pack today and make your tracks soar to new heights! It’s time to let the rhythm take control and make waves in the world of electronic music.

  • 1.27 GB 24-Bit Samples
  • 27 Construction Kits
  • 332 WAV Files (Bass, Drums, Fills, Melodies, FX)
  • 49 MIDI Files
  • 5 Serum Presets
  • 6 Massive Presets
  • 14 Sylenth Presets
  • 20 Bonus Bass Loops
  • 50 Bonus Drum Fills
  • 19 Bonus Drum Loops
  • 58 Bonus Instrument Loops
  • 14 Bonus Riser & Build Loops
  • 21 Bonus Vocal Loops
  • 34 Bonus Drum One-Shots+ Promo & Discount Folder

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