CraddyMusic Secret Stash DrumKit V2 WAV

CraddyMusic Secret Stash DrumKit V2 WAV

CraddyMusic Secret Stash DrumKit V2 WAV

The Secret Stash DrumKit V1 Was Huge With You All \& EveryOne Loved It For It’s HD Quality Drum Selection, Industry Picked Drum Sounds, Large Amount Of Samples \& Also Even Some Drums Rite From REAL Industry Tracks…Well, Now We Bring You An Even Better V2 Version!

This DrumKit Is Not Just Called”Secret Stash” For Show \& For Looks, This Drum Kit Is Not Only LOADED With Over 412 Drum Samples \& Chops But MANY Of Them Are Very Very Rare Drum Samples Rite Out Of Big Named Placements \& Records. This Is A DrumKit That Has Been In The Works For MONTHS \& We Know 1000%You All Will Love \& Be Very Pleased With It Just As You Are With The 1st Version

(If You Do Not Have V1 Do Yourself A Favor And Get V2 \& V1 NOW)

For An Example, Just A Few Of TheBig Named Sounds From Records That Are Hot Today \& In This Pack Are…

Bone (Snare) – Was used in G-Eazy’s hardest trap song from his album – G-Eazy – Bone Marrow ft. Danny Seth
Bay (Snare) – Omarion Ft. Kid Ink \& French Montana – I’m Up
Reminder (Snare) – The Weeknd – Reminder
Distractions (Snare) – Kehlani – Distraction
Don’t (Snare) – The Official Snare That Was used In Bryson Tillers Hit Song, “DONT”
And So On…!

This DrumKit Is LOADED In Selection As Well With…

  • 50 Chants
  • 50 Claps (DRY)
  • DrumLoops (With Stems)
  • 50 Hi Hats Closed \& Open (DRY)
  • 50 808s \& Kicks (Punchy)
  • 50 Transition \& FX Sounds
  • Melody Loops
  • 50 Percs
  • 70 Snares (DRY)

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