Cymatics Essential MIDI Collection Vol.6 MIDI

Cymatics Essential MIDI Collection Vol.6 MIDI

Cymatics Essential MIDI Collection Vol.6 MIDI
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Regardless of genre, sound design, mix quality, or any other aspect of production…

A great melody and chord progression will ALWAYS be effective.

The melody and chords are the soul of your track…and they can make or break its impact and success.

While many producers understand the importance of good writing, creating a stellar melody and chord progression can be extremely difficult…

But we are here to help.

Introducing Essential MIDI Collection Vol 6: A broad collection of infectious melodies and heartfelt chord progressions that will help you elevate your writing skills to the highest level.

Our production team worked with professional songwriters to make sure this library of 50 MIDI files would contain diversity and consistent high quality…

They constantly refined the collection and threw away any files that didn’t uphold these objectives.

You’ll find many different levels of complexity in this pack. We’ve included everything from the most basic progressions and melodies to more intricate chords and voicings.

The more you practice and study different progressions and melodies, the better you will become at writing stellar, original content.

Get your hands on this inspiring collection and amplify the quality of your tracks through stellar writing.

Download Essential MIDI Collection Vol 6 now!


Included in this pack:

50 MIDI Files
Format: .MID
File Size (Zipped): 30.2 KB
File Count: 50 MIDI Files


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