Fretboard Secret Handbook PDF

Fretboard Secret Handbook PDF

Fretboard Secret Handbook PDF

10 minutes to memorize scale, note position on guitar by this private secret way
Combines Intervals, Chords, Arpeggios, Modes and Practice to let you play freely
38 examples & licks to enhance your playing technique & scale graphic

This handbook lets you memorize notes/scales position efficiently by using the best memory technique “Image Memory Method“.

At first, most students can draw the graphic of scales in 10 minutes after using this method. After learning this method, we also show you how to practice it on guitar to enhance memorizing, and link it with other musical techniques, such as intervals, chords, progressions, arpeggios, modes… , so that it can develop your brain to think your fretboard in a different way, and you can learn and practice other guitar class stuff with this way in the future.



The Basis

〉 Section 1. Diatonic Scale & Toy Block

—- Toy Block
—- Practice
—- Note Name
—- 3 Steps To Help Memorizing
—- Replace Note Name By Numbers
—- Practice

〉 Section 2. Octaves

—- Rules
—- Practice

〉 Section 3. Other Scales

—- Pentatonic Scale
—- Practice
—- Harmonic Minor Scale
—- Melodic Minor Scale / Jazz Minor Scale
—- Modal Scales

〉 Section 4. “One String Three Notes” Graphic

—- The Graphics
—- Note Name And Numbers

The Practice

〉 Section 1. Practice The Toy Block On Fretboard

—- Single Toy Block On Fretboard
—- Combine 2 Toy Blocks As A Pattern
—- Play A Chord Then Play Scale
—- Play Melody of A Song On Different Positions

〉 Section 2. The Moving Toy Blocks

—- Move The Graphic Of C Major
—- Play In Other Key

〉 Section 3. Combine The Toy Blocks With Other Graphics

—- Toy Block And One String Three Notes Graphic
—- Toy Blocks And Octaves Graphic

The Application

〉 Section 1. Double Stops And Intervals

—- Perfect Fifth & Perfect Fourth
—- Major / Minor Third- Major / Minor Sixth
—- Octave
—- Major / Minor Seventh

〉 Section 2. Chords & Notes

—- Chords
—- Roots Of Triad and Toy Block
—- Inverted Chords
—- Replace The Root Position With Inversions
—- Play Chords & Notes

〉 Section 3. Arpeggio Flavors

—- Arpeggios of Major Triads
—- Arpeggios of Minor Triads
—- Arpeggios and Toy Blocks

〉 Section 4. Modal Training

—- Modes And Chords
—- Find Out The Difference
—- Modes And Chordal Progression

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