Futuretone Hybrid Trap Rumble [WAV FXP]

Futuretone Hybrid Trap Rumble [WAV FXP]

Futuretone Hybrid Trap Rumble [WAV FXP]

Unleash the sonic fury of ‘Hybrid Trap Rumble,’ by Futuretone and dive into a treasure trove of 420 meticulously crafted files, specially designed to bring the future of hybrid trap directly into your hands.
Let the ‘Serum Presets’ be your secret weapon, allowing you to sculpt mind-bending soundscapes that fuse the best of both trap and electronic elements. Elevate your drops, breakdowns, and build-ups with sounds that defy the norm.

Craft colossal beats that dominate the sonic spectrum with the section of Drum one shots, characterized by punchy kicks, snappy snares, and crisp hi-hats that’ll give your tracks that unmistakable hybrid trap edge. These one shots are your building blocks to creating dynamic rhythms that hit like a freight train.

The true essence of this hybrid trap pack lies within the ‘Bass One Shots and Loops.’ Prepare for basslines that morph and evolve, taking your audience on a journey from gritty lows to euphoric highs. The loops will infuse your tracks with the signature hybrid trap groove, while the one shots let you craft your own sonic mutations.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer pushing the boundaries or a newcomer looking to make a splash, this pack equips you with the tools to amplify your creativity. Don’t miss out on this game-changing sonic arsenal – grab ‘Hybrid Trap Rumble’ now and make your mark on the hybrid trap landscape!


  • 420 total contents
  • 100 Serum Presets
  • 100 Drum One Shots
  • 20 Claps
  • 20 Closed Hihats
  • 20 Open Hihats
  • 15 Kicks
  • 15 Snares
  • 10 Rides
  • 80 Bass One Shots
  • 69 Bass Loops
  • 68 FX One Shots
  • 18 Uplifters
  • 18 Fallers
  • 16 Impacts
  • 16 Risers
  • 3 Vocal Phrase One Shots

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