MAGIX ACID Pro 11 Suite v11.0.1.17 [WIN]

MAGIX ACID Pro 11 Suite v11.0.1.17 [WIN]

MAGIX ACID Pro 10 Suite [WIN]

ACID Pro 11 takes loop-based music production one step further – yet again. Since its historic invention of today’s industry standard in 1998, ACID offers the most extensive options for arranging, editing and resampling audio. Countless artists have relied on ACID and its workflow to create some of the most famous compositions in IDM and EDM.

What’s new in ACID Pro v11?


Complete your tracks and lift them to the cutting edge of sound processing with plug-ins from our partners. From emulations of legendary hardware to innovative mastering wizards.

  • BRAINWORX bx_masterdesk Mastering console – A high end analog mastering system in a single Plug-in – right in your DAW!  In Pro | Pro Suite | Pro 365
  • BRAINWORX bx_console Focusrite Mixing console – A true emulation of an ultra rare classic – the legendary studio console of which only 10 units were ever built, now as your very own console in ACID Pro Suite. In Pro Suite
  • BRAINWORX bx_console N Mixing console – The letter N is almost enough when talking about studio gear – of course it’s all about the legendary large-format Neve console. This is a meticulous emulation of the model owned by Brainworx founder Dirk Ulrich and will enhace any Mixdown. Period. In Pro | Pro 365
  • BRAINWORX bx_refinement Mixing console  – Get rid of any unpleasant noise, high frequencies or interferences during mastering and integrate tube-modeled analog smoothness to any complex signal in your chain. In Pro Suite
  • iZotope Ozone 9 Elements. Mastering tool – Welcome to the future of mastering! In ACID Pro, you can now use the intelligent mastering tool Ozone 9 Elements by iZotope to your advantage and save precious time finalizing your projects. The clear structure and AI-based features finally offer mastering for everyone. In Pro | Pro Suite | Pro 36


Acidized loops, samples, chops and instruments: ACID 11 offers numerous possibilities to unlock the sound of professional studios to you.

  • MORE CONTENT: ACIDized Loops – Over 13 GB in ACID Pro and over 16 GB in ACID Pro Suite: ACID 11 offers an inexhaustible supply of new sounds already included.
  • IN-APP STORE: New content – Whenever creativity strikes, you need to have the right sounds. ACID 11 features its own In-App store to provide you with the latest sounds of all genres, exclusive content and artist packs. In Pro | Pro Suite | Pro 365
  • BRAINWORX bx_oberhausen Vintage Synthesizer – The first virtual instrument of Brainworx and a faithful recreation of a sought-after vintage synth design. A powerful unison mode, innovative filter routing and an extensive modulation matrix are only some of this powerhouse’s features. In Pro Suite
  • MIDI-playable Chopper: Hardware functionality – ACID’s much beloved chopper feature is extended by useful hardware compatibility. Trigger your chopped slices with a MIDI device of your choice and explore playable rhythms and fingerdrumming like never before. In Pro | Pro Suite | Pro 365
  • MAGIX Independence Pro Sound Library – Up to 70 GB of meticulously sampled Instruments, both acoustic and electronic – this one’s for the sample freaks. Lose yourself in a world of sound and tweaking possibility right in your DAW. In Pro | Pro Suite | Pro 365


ACID Pro 11 has even more effects to shape your sound. From legendary Autotune to ultra-modern EQs and innovative user interfaces.

  • BRAINWORX bx_crispy_tuner – From vocal pitch correction to extreme tuning effects – Brainworx bx_crispy_tuner has got you covered. Explore easy-going processing with its lightweight and innovative user interface. In Pro Suite
  • Celemony Melodyne 5 essential – Did you ever wanted your voice to sound like never before? Or maybe just want to correct this one note in the chorus? Melodyne 5 is a classic Autotune effect for all your vocal needs. In Pro | Pro Suite | Pro 365*
  • MAGIX modernEQ Equalizer – Our modernEQ equalizer allows for easier, more precise mixing. Amplify, cut and shape sounds with complete precision using the wide range of filter options in each EQ band. In Pro | Pro 365
  • MAGIX dynamicEQ Equalizer – With modernEQ being its smaller brother, MAGIX dynamicEQ features even more tone-shaping possibilities in a sleek and easy to use interface. In Pro Suite
  • Morph Pads – A multi effect following a completely new and innovative approach: route your audio tracks to different pads, choose different modulation targets and explore unique sound design using just the cursor of your mouse or track-pad. In Pro | Pro Suite | Pro 365
  • MAGIX VariVerb II Reverb – VariVerb II proves why Reverb Plug-ins are the olymp of audio DSP: based on algorithmic calculations this reverb produces highly diverse and musical sounding effects. From classic halls to nonlinear spheres. In Pro | Pro Suite | Pro 365*

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