NI CHOIR: OMNIA Kontakt Library

NI CHOIR: OMNIA Kontakt Library

NI Choir Omnia Kontakt Library

OMNIA captures 40 singers in exquisite detail, from the softest murmurs to full-throated emotion. Build your own personalised combinations of male and female performers, split into four traditional sections. This choir is hugely dynamic, intuitive to play, and versatile enough to score any genre of music. Perform individual syllables or build intricate, performative phrases with the Syllabuilder. OMNIA was created in collaboration with SS and recorded at the Sofia Session Studio.

  • Select syllables, articulations, transformations, and note divisions to trigger automatically on a single keypress
  • Use keyswitches to change syllables on the fly
  • Build your own motifs from vowel, syllable, and articulation elements
  • Load convenient pre-constructed phrases at the click of a button
  • Shape the sound of your choir, from intimate realism to out-of-this-world ambience


From fantasy films to gritty, experimental electronica, vocals can conjure emotions that make or break a soundtrack. OMNIA was recorded in an orchestral hall with multiple microphones for an authentic, versatile sound that bridges diverse musical styles. Sustain, marcato, staccato, and staccatissimo combine with a variety of playable syllables in two play modes. Keep it simple, or build complex transformations; merging articulations, syllables, and releases. A huge number of velocity layers ensure smooth transitions, along with Polyphonic True Legato and extensive articulation sets.


Our agile Polyphonic True Legato script keeps track of your melodies and harmonies automatically, ensuring natural sounding progressions between notes. Smooth voice-leading transitions occur organically – just pick up and play.


This innovative engine takes the 16 available syllables and completely transforms them, merging the phonemes to create new vocalizations. With two transform modes and multiple round-robins per syllable, building authentic and inspiring choir lines has never been easier. Use the randomize buttons to generate new sequences of syllables, for infinite inspiration.


With multiple modes, there’s a performance style that’s right for you. Keys mode uses keyswitches to change syllables on the fly – great for simple riffs and sketching out ideas. Sequence mode takes things to another level, allowing the construction of a complex sequence of syllables with note intervals and other parameters. Set it and forget, and be free to concentrate on chord shapes and dynamics.


Simple to use yet deep enough to fully customize, OMNIA features many options to configure the sound. Take control of individual syllable length, volume, and release behavior. Design a bespoke soundstage with 5 mixable microphone positions, stereo spread, EQ and characterful NI reverb presets. Global parameters for legato, round robins, and dynamics will shape the choir performance to your personal style.


With two browsers, finding the perfect choir sound is simple. The breadth of global presets spans natural choral ambience to hybrid cinematica. The Syllabuilder gets its own browser, with pre-constructed phrases and motifs, all fully editable in sequence mode. Save your own creations and transfer sequences between choir sections with ease.


We spent 6 weeks capturing live recordings at Sofia Session Studio with a world-class signal chain, using pro microphones from AEA, Neumann, DPA, and Sanken. The hand-picked selection of experienced singers performed specially composed music to maintain the authentic singing style of requiems and masses. Samples were meticulously edited into individual syllables and transitions, delicately snipped from hundreds of hours of recordings to create this expressive and deeply customisable instrument.


  • Powerful 40-piece choir of four independent sections: soprano, alto, tenor and bass
  • Quickly build realistic choir parts with intuitive controls, or go deeper with Syllabuilder phrases and transformations
  • Captured in stunning detail and created in collaboration with world-leading choir curator SS
  • Over 70 GB of content, across four instruments, with 189 presets for streamlined scoring

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