Noiiz Eclectic Percussion WAV

Noiiz Eclectic Percussion WAV

Noiiz Eclectic Percussion WAV

Eclectic Percussion is a collection of rare, sonically exciting and unique percussion sounds from all over the world that will make your music stand out.

Experiment with the angelic strike of the Koshi or blend the harrowing sounds of the Waterphone into your project for unsettling and intriguing effect, or craft exciting rhythm sections with the collection of hand drums to add movement and energy.

Special attention has been paid to capture these sounds in their ideal environment and as accurately as possible, so each individual sounds character can shine through. We’re looking forward to hearing how you take these sounds and create something special, so send us your tracks and show us what you make!


  • 3 24 Bit Wav Loops
  • 375 24 Bit Wav One Shots
  • 286 MB Download Size

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