OhmForce Plugins Bundle [WIN]

OhmForce Plugins Bundle [WIN]

OhmForce Plugins Bundle VST AAX X64

For some reason, you don’t use virtual synths or you already have your favourite weapon. Still, your sound needs refinement, warmth, or… wait for Ohm Force’s motto… creative destruction! You won’t believe how far this generously priced bundle can take you in shaping sound.

OhmForce Plugins Bundle Includes:

Ohmicide v1.37 – distortion

Nothing less than the most violent weapon here. And if you know how much havoc some of the Ohm Force plugins can wreak, this should really mean a lot to you. Freaking stuff? Now the funny part is that YOU are the butcher this time!

Ohmboyz v1.67 – delay

Turn a knob and your journey begins. The Ohm Boyz will take you far, far away from this planet. And the remote echoes of your escape from the earthly prison will sound like nothing mankind has ever heard before.

quad frohmage filter

Did you know that a filter could change your sound THAT much? Actually, it’s not one filter but a creative filterbank with advanced modulation parameters. The possibilities are limitless; now, the question is whether you will feel creative enough. But we have no doubt about that.

mobiloOhm v1.37 – phaser

There is a hidden dimension in the sonic space, access to which is only granted to a few time travellers with a perfect mastery of phase. Their common secret: the use of Mobilohm beyond the most experimental boundary allowed.

hematOhm v1.47 – frequency shifter

Do you sometimes hear strange sounds in your mind or in your dreams? And unfortunately, they seem lost forever as you come back to the physical world. As unreal as it might appear, Hematohm helps you recover these extraterrestrial voices.

predatOhm v1.57 – distortion

Too clean, not enough heat… it’s time to make it roar! Monster Predatohm is famous for his massive yet organic tone. Give a good claw to your sober and flat sounds.

symptOhm v1.37 – granular synth

What is a synthesizer for? If, like us, you think that its very essence is forward-looking, creative sound synthesis, you will love Symptohm. It’s not modelled after anything you are familiar with and, in combination with the incredible number of possibilities it offers, this is precisely what makes its strong.


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