Patchmaker 500 Presets For MASSIVE X

500 Presets For MASSIVE X

Patchmaker 500 Presets For MASSIVE X

The power of Massive X cannot be denied, and when programmed well, it can deliver huge & diverse sounds, that bring a track to life.

After a long time, Patchmaker is back with “500 presets – Massive X”, an essential pack of expertly crafted presets that can be used to bring energy and beauty to any dancefloor. Each individual preset features from 4 to 12 macro controls, ensuring your sounds are as diverse and evolving as possible.

In detail, expect to find 500 presets – epic leads, solid basses, thick synths, dark wobbles, pumping plucks, lush pads, sound effects, soundscapes and much more.

“500 presets – Massive X” is suitable for Any EDM genres – from Future Bass to Lo-Fi, Chillout, Hard Trap,

Future House, Drum & Bass, Riddim Dubstep and any other genre, that is popular today.This pack will took a lot of your time to explore this huge amount of presets. What you hear in the demo, it’s just a glimpse of what you can expect inside this pack, as we’ve only used 10% of the content to make it.

You will have all the material to create breathtaking and mind blowing tracks.You can use it to add creativity to your musical productions.

NOTE: Latest version of Massive X is required to be able to use these presets.
NOTE: This is a Massive X pack ONLY. The preview contains drums and noise sound effects for illustrative purposes only.


Sample pack details:

  • Lead 84 presets
  • Syn 48 presets
  • Key 44 presets
  • Pluck 46 presets
  • Bass 82 presets
  • Pad 62 presets
  • Seq 28 presets
  • Perc 4 presets
  • SFX 51 presets
  • Wobble 51 presets
  • (4-12 macros on every preset)


Demo Preview:

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